The Codeguard is the world's leading scrambled keypad. We offer a range of interface options to suit all the leading controllers, as well as a range of secure mounting accessories that meet the requirements of ADA/DDA regulations.

Pioneering the concept of high security access control the Codeguard is unique in today's ever more security conscious environment.

We offer our products for sale direct from Codeguard Security or from our approved dealer network.

The technology incorporating the "random assignment of numbers to the keys" has been patented by the company throughout the world.

Our manufacturing facility meets stringent quality standards and has certification to:
IPC 610A-D and ISO 9001:2000
The plant utilizes the latest production and test equipment in the manufacturing process assuring high quality and reliability.
We are dedicated to the Codeguard which meets the most stringent demands of Private Sector purchasers, Government Agencies and Military establishments around the world.

The Codeguard is certified to FCC Part 15 Class A, CE, IP65 and BS EN 60529:1992 approvals.
(IP65 applies when the Codeguard is mounted in an appropriate manner.)
The Wiegand Codeguard is designed and manufactured to meet RoHS / WEEE compliance. We have made it our policy that all future new product developments will comply with the RoHS / WEEE standard, thus helping to reduce global pollution.

For more information please download the product data sheets and contact us.